| November/December 1968


The sawmill photo show Glen Orbaker (tailing) and myself sawing hemlock, using the Fitz Burnham water turbine for power. (Hannibal Center, Oswego County, New York).

20 Reeves, A. R. 20,Baker, 19 Port Huron, Portable Case, Home Made. 65 Case, 12 Case and Gaar-Scott.

Also these names were on the back and while there are more people pictured than there are names, I thought perhaps you could pick some of them out, so here goes: Ralph W. Shelburne, Anthony Moorman, Bernard Kreckler, Howard Ewank, Keith Mauzy, Gus Reisner, Nelson Howard, Lawrence Porter and Luther Caldwell.

Also on the back of picture is 'Ind. Brotherhood Thresherman Reunion, Rushville, Indiana 1951 held in conjunction with the Rush County Fair'.

Hope you enjoy it - Anna mae.

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