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Taken at Detroit Brush St. Depot. I am the engineer on this train passenger train No. 77.
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A few shots of a thresher owned by Mr. Collins. The width of the cylinder is 34 inches and capacity is 100 bushels an hour.
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This picture is of the new civic auditorium boiler room. I am a steam engineer helping out during the construction of this new auditorium building for a few months.
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Carl Guth, of Phoenix, Arizona is shown with this new down draft steam generator mounted in his Jeepster. Note the spark plug for lighting the fire when it cycles off at the high setting of the steam pressure. The engine condenser (radiator) is a special
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Threshing in October of 1963 at the Museum in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The engine is a Sawyer-Massey.
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Durand, Michigan in 1903.
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Taken in 1921 or 1922. I am the Foreman on this passenger train.
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Engineer Unruh at the throttle at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon.
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Threshing barley at George Searson's in August 1967 at Watford with a 28 x 50 Goodison separator and Hugh Chisholm's 25 Hp. Goodison engine.
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Nichols & Shepard 10 Hp. at Rising Sun, Iowa. Right to left, on stack Robert Warnock, father A. M. (Al) Warnock, on ground Frank H. Warnock, holding team (my first day as engineer) J. Gilbert Warnock on baler wheel, standing Frank Enos, feeding baler Jack

Not shown is an old Fashioned cracker box on engine platform to
enable me to reach the throttle in case it was necessary. Needless
to say, my older brother made regular trips to engine to check on
my behavior there.


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