| September/October 1968

Gladays D. Bushong, of 335 North Battle Street, Manassas, Virginia 22440 is a regular contributor to the local paper 'The Journal Messenger' and the following two paragraphs is taken from an article which she wrote recently for above mentioned paper:

Mr. and Mrs. Morey came to Manassas from Pennsylvania in the late 1800s. His saw mill was one of the first industries of Manassas. It was located at what is now the corner of West and Center streets. It has been emphasized that this mill did a vast business in those days. A team of ten or more oxen were used to pull the. engine which furnished the power for the sawing. The saw mills in that day were operated by such engines as shown in the picture, and were taken from mill to mill, just as they did when the threshing machines came into existence.

Mr. and Mrs. Morey were active citizens and maintained an interest in church (Lutheran) work while living in this community.

In the picture-running the engine is none other than the 'Steam King of Northwest Pennsylvania'-Morgan Hill. Standing on the ground is my father-in-law, Albert Sundberg. On the wagon left to right is Russell Sundberg, myself (Jim Malz) and my daughter, Debbie. This threshing was done on my farm.

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