| September/October 1968

Lawrence Walker, of 100 South Bazelton St., Mt. Pleasant, Iowa is an avid antique collector. He travels far and wide in his search for new items and as Lawrence tells the story. 'I was over across the river (Mississippi) near Nauvoo, III., and in an old orchard I found this copper peach brandy still in the cellar of an old house. I started to dig it out but soon realized I needed more help. With two friends to help we finally dug all the dirt away and loaded the still in my truck. I spent many hours in my shop putting a polish on the hammered copper plates and coil from which the old still is made. I was told that many years ago it was used to make peach brandy but I have something else that I think is just as much of an antique!! Have you seen my windmill? It is up at the North End of the Fairground and did I have a time finding it! I made several trips trying to locate the mill and at last found it in a corn field (I have seen corn 14 feet tall that was grown in an Iowa corn patch) so finding this mill was no mean trick. We set it up just in time for the Mt. Pleasant Show. (How about the possibilities' of a windmill and a brandy still?????) - Harry Hall.

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