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Threshing near Swan River, Manitoba about 1908. Waterous 22 Hp. engine burning straw and it's getting colder each night.
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Threshing near Swan River, Manitoba in the ''teens''.
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Waterous 22 Hp. engine threshing near Swan River, Manitoba about 1908. The Waterous were made at Brantford, Ontario and quite similar to the Buffalo Pitts engine.
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Taken near Swan River, Manitoba almost sixty years ago. Most country boys of that era grew up doing this sort of work which kept them out of mischief and also taught them how to be useful. However, not many would have to work with a wired-up rake tongue l
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Picture taken in 1912 on Rt. 19, eight miles north of Mercer, Pennsylvania. My father, Charles Magee and I (Tom) used a Frick snappy 10 horse engine with our thresher. We made about 125 settings a season and threshed the countryside. We were coming home w
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Some helpers spiking rail for the 36'' guage Porter locomotive. My Porter locomotive #6804, 0-4-0 Tank, which weighs 21 ton in operating condition. It has cylinder bore of 12'' x 16'' stroke. The Porter book gives its tractive effort 9200 pounds. I expect
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Waterlo 18 or 20 Hp. which came to grief near Durban, Manitoba about 1910. Particulars not now available. Drivers take heed!
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Taken near Swan River, Manitoba about 1908 on the Cotton Farm
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Two action pictures of dirt dumping from the bucket of my Erie ''B'' steam shovel as I was doing some grading for the railroad.
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