| January/February 1970

Noel, Missouri

I predict, in the near future, a greatly modified, light weight, powerful and economical steam engine will replace the gas and diesel engine in cars, tractors, planes and power plants.

This new, unique and unparalleled steam engine will be under the hood with ample room for the water supply tank and the boiler. The exhaust steam will be used to air-condition the car and absorb and eliminate the carbon monoxide poisonous gas and smoke from the air. The steam will then go to the condenser to be returned to water, then go to the water supply tank.

The steam will be generated by a fuel oil burner in conjunction with solar heat, ortron or ultra neutrons.

The next innovation will be a steam turbine on each of the four wheels of a car, thereby antiquating and eliminating the transmission, drive shaft, U-joints and differential gears from the car. Braking will be accomplished by reversing the steam in the turbines.

Yes, the cars of tomorrow, with the steam power, will be lighter, free from vibration, noiseless, easier to operate and smoother in performance. Even though I am 76 years old, I may live to see and ride in a car like this.