| November/December 1967

  • Cartwright's Engine
    Courtesy of Denis McCormack, 404 W. Timonium Road, Timonium, Baltimore Co., Md. 21093 Cartwright's Engine (Cartwright's Engine. 1797.)
    Denis McCormack

  • Cartwright's Engine

Society of Automotive Engineers Courtesy of Denis McCormack

I am the fortunate possessor of an original copy of Elijah Galloway's 'History and Progress of the Steam Engine', published in London in 1831.

Written as it was by an engineer - himself an inventor of several early steam engine designs, at a time when the great development of the steam engine and its adoption to ships, railway locomotives, road vehicles and innumerable industrial applications was actually taking place, Galloway's book, despite its somewhat stilted English of 136 years ago, vibrates with the zeal and the excitement of an engineer partaking, observing and recording the great engineering developments of that period.

I would like to share the pleasure I have had in the reading and I shall be happy to furnish further extracts and illustrations that trace some of the fundamental forward moves which gave such great stimulation to modern progress.

Cartwriqht's Patented Steam Engine of 1797

'The Rev. Edward Cartwright's scheme for which he obtained a patent in 1797, was very ingenious. His object was to produce a tight piston, and a condenser in which the steam was exposed to a large surface of water.