Properly Set Safety Valve

| September/October 1972

R. R. 4, Red Deer, Alberta, CANADA.

I wrote an article in your magazine about boiling a boiler dry with a 'properly set safety valve' without the boiler exploding. It has been brought to my attention by a good friend that my statement regarding properly set safety valve could be misunderstood and I agree, so I will try to clear this matter up.

I could have said, leave the safety valve off. However, whether you have one on or off, I hope no one will ruin a good boiler to find out. To write about boiling boilers dry just makes good reading and brings up a little controversy, but nothing is really gained unless someone relates their experiences so that others can read and maybe absorb some good from them.

Here are a few boiler experiences I have had:

1. Case boiler from 110 H. P. Installed in Welshe's Western wear in Red Deer. Boiler used for heating. Relief valve set at 20 lbs. Controls failed to operate. Boiler was boiled completely dry and fire continued in firebox until the outer shell was dull red, so firebox would be much hotter. No explosion with relief valve at 20 lbs. Repair all flues loose and stay bolts neededends turned down. Flues rerolled, otherwise boiler put back in service and still okay.

2. Butt Strap Rumely 20 H. P. boiler in Schodopoles shop at Eckville. Relief valve 20 lbs.