| January/February 1962

Milton, North Dakota

A friend of mine, Mr. Wm. Swanson of Milton, North Dakota lent me a number of copies of your magazine and I have certainly enjoyed them. It is surprising to learn that there are so many others who are just as crazy about steam engines and threshing as I have always been.

Steam outfits were common when I was a kid, and when I got old enough to go threshing, I got in on the tail-end of the steam era. I had hoped to get to fire, or run the engines, but never got further than to haul bundles.

The last steam outfit I worked on was in 1929, a big Minneapolis outfit owned by one of our neighbors. A 35 hp engine and a 40 x 64 separator. This outfit was new in 1915. I remember when they brought it home, although I was only five years old. There were a couple of steam outfits operated in the area as late as 1940-1941.

I never saw power steering mentioned in your magazine. N. T. Nelson of Union, North Dakota had a big Case. I believe it was 110 hp that was steered by two levers instead of a steering wheel. The steering gear was geared to the crankshaft. They called it 'steam steering'. He threshed for my father in 1915 and 1921. I understand this engine was purchased by an outfit in Iowa who re-conditions engines for show purposes. This purchase was made in recent years.

Could someone tell me when the M. Rumely Co. took over the Advance Thresher Company ? Did they continue to manufacture both makes for a while before they began to make Advance-Rumelys?