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Necessary preparations for the 1958 Pioneer Harvest Fiesta. On the wagon pitching is Ben Sanderson, Fort Scott, a 74-year-old veteran of this work. On the stack is George Jackson, Frisco Engineer-Fireman, who as a boy had done some of this kind of work bu

Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, Sask.

Dept. of Travel & Information Legislative Annex, Regina,
Sask. R. A. ‘Bob’ Hosie, manager of radio station CKO Mat
Saskatoon, has been named chairman of the Pion-Era promotion
committee for 1959. This announcement was made recently by Bernice
Norman, Pion-Era executive director.

Mr. Hosie, who is a long-time resident of the city, having lived
there since 1922, is well known as president and station manager of
CKOM. Prominent in community affairs, he is a graduate of the
University of Saskatchewan.

Mr. Hosie owns a cattle ranch at Pike Lake which is devoted to
the improvement of the Hereford breed of cattle, and is a former
owner of the Empire Hotel in Saskatoon.

Commenting on his new post as chairman of the Pion-Era promotion
committee, Mr. Hosie said that considerable attention would be
given to improvement of attractions at this year’s show both on
the grounds and at the grandstand.

‘We feel sure that our Pion-Era show, which is slated for
June 29 to July 4 this year, will attract larger crowds than
ever’, he said. ‘The show draws many tourists to
Saskatchewan each year, in addition to residents, which benefits
not only Saskatchewan but the entire province.’

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