R & T Restores an Avery

| July/August 1991

  • Boiler

  • Boiler

A restoration project that began in 1978 was brought to a climax by Rough & Tumble Engineers, at Kinzers, Pa., 12 years later in 1990.

This project centered on a very special engine the Avery which had been the personal property of Arthur Young, the founder of R&T. Young was a nationally known businessman whose son, Everett, was a second generation member of the organization. (Everett recently passed away; see Golden Roll, page 24.)

The Avery was in dire need of help, principally because its boiler long ago reached the point of no return.

The decision to restore the engine was made by members of R&T in 1978. No one could have known at the time that a dozen years would be required to complete the undertaking.

We have a complete record of the major steps taken, thanks to Roland Woodward, curator of the Rough & Tumble Museum and a member of the group that undertook the project.

First step on the long road was the facing of the need for plans for a new boiler. An estimate of $30,000 was received for the construction. Plans alone would cost $500, the group was informed. The $30,000 was too big a hurdle to jump at that time so only the plans were ordered, at $500.