| November/December 1957

President National Threshers Association, Inc. Alvordton, Ohio

'Rain, Rain, Go Away

Come Again, Some Other Day'

THIS CHILDISH Refrain might well have been chanted during the first two days of our Reunion, as gentle but persistent rain fell almost the entire time. It did not dampen the spirits of members to any noticeable extent, however and many commented that after 12 years of good weather, we were due for more than a shower some time during the last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of June. Hurricane Audrey was the culprit, but her wrath fortunately didn't last through Saturday, which dawned clear and bright. We have had large crowds on other Saturdays, but none ever equalled the one of 1957, when it was difficult to get through the crowds on the race track during the parade, with the grandstand full to overflowing. When it was decided to attempt the parade that afternoon, hoping the track would be dried out sufficiently, it didn't seem possible that the floats and engines could be ready in so short a time. But they were, and the parade finally got under way, in spite of many, many obstacles. As usual, it was a high point of the Reunion.

The thirteenth Reunion was marked also by having the greatest number of large engines in excellent condition that we have ever had. The big Avery 40 as usual dominated the scene, and the people who last year thought she was there, realized this year that her sister, the Avery 20, looked small when lined up beside the 'Big One'. The three engines brought by Homer Holp and his sons John and Harold made a magnificent display, besides doing some fine work. John's 23-90 Baker looked and ran like new; although the manufacturer claimed a maximum horse-power of only 99 hp. it developed 115.6 hp. at normal speed and pressure. In fact, it is impossible to mention all the others, each of which was outstanding in its way.

We had the finest collection of small models under steam we have ever had. The Trading Post did its greatest business; the Hobby Lobby was much larger than any previous year, the Women's programs and teas were largely attended and enjoyed; we signed a large number of new members-exact number not yet determined until all registration slips are recorded; we had three overflowing crowds to see the movies; our new TNT Snack Bar did a good business; our new NTA and TNT flags were dedicated and flown for the first time Saturday morning and highly praised; our religious service Sunday morning, with sermon by Rev. Ritzman and duet by Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Kramer, was well attended; in fact, there was no part of the extensive program which was not a success, including the financial part.