| May/June 1983

4391 Stewart Road, Metamora, Michigan 48455

This is an update on our 1903 Huber traction engine that was featured on the cover of the May/June 1976 issue of IMA. My father S. L. ('Red') Emery sold his farm three years ago and moved to Florida. The Huber stayed here in Michigan with me. Let me give a little background on the Huber and myself:

It seems that when I was growing up my interest in steam was nil. What few times I would visit old steam engines or shows I would just tag along for the ride. What the heck, it was usually better than staying at home! Anyhow, I remember going down to Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, and seeing lots of engines; also going to Montgomery, Minnesota and 'Steam Engine Joe' Rynda's giant collection of steamers. My father and his father, Roy Emery, who helped with threshing rigs in the Stanton-Dundas-Northfield areas of Minnesota for years, were really impressed. I guess truthfully, that's when I first got the engine bug. All that iron! Wow, it was like being in a candy store.

Two years ago my son, Todd, and I re-visited Ryndas. I guess you would call that recreating your childhood. As I walked around that yard I could not help but think of my grandfather (now deceased) climbing all over those engines and peering at everything in sight, and my dad asking questions.

I had quite a visit that day with Leonard Rynda, Joe's son, who now has his father's collection.

Our 12 HP Huber #6883 has been active, taking part in several shows and parades in the last few years. We have been to the National Threshers Reunion in Wauseon, Ohio; Seven Ponds Nature Center near Dryden, Michigan; and Crossroads Village near Flint, Michigan. My father drove up to Wauseon from Florida last June to see his old Huber perform. I am sure he was tickled that everything ran smoothly, except for the engineer (me), who was pretty shaky with all those people watching. We plan on going back there again this year with the Huber and renew old friendships.