Rare Turner Thresher

| January/February 1978

6405 US 50, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

My Turner Economy Trailer Thresher is hitched to Russell Sam's 8 HP model Geiser steam engine threshing wheat at our annual Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show at Georgetown, Ohio. I am feeding the machine and Russell is running the engine. As far as I have been able to learn, most Turner machines were powered with a gasoline engine and were hitched on behind a wagon and threshing was done from shock to shock. The bands must be cut and hand fed and the grain is caught in a half bushel. The platform is hinged so that the drive belt is tightened when the operator stands on it and loosens when he gets off. The engine is mounted on the platform at the operator's right. However, my machine has never had an engine as I know its history. It was bought by a family near Cincinnati to use on a small hilly farm and I am the third owner. It was manufactured by the Turner Manufacturing Company, Statesville, North Carolina.

In all my years as an International and New Holland dealer, I have never seen another Turner Thresher, although we have traded in other of their machines. Would certainly like to correspond with any of the old Turner personnel or other owners of Turner Threshers. And 'Old Steam Buddy' tells me he once saw one of the machines equipped with an old style Wisconsin engine displayed at the Ohio State Fair.

I enjoy very much each issue of the magazine and reading the stories.