| July/August 1982

An excellent engraving of the Canton Monitor portable steam engine, made by C. Aultman & Company at Canton, Ohio is used as an illustration on a large sheet describing the firm, which we found in a New York shop.

The sheet is apparently a page from an industrial encyclopedia, an Album, which was used to advertise the products of many different kinds of companies. Undoubtedly a reader can fill us in on the Album. We have seen reproductions of other pages from it. This one is an original.

Telling of the Canton Monitor, the Album says it is 'cheaper and better than any power operated by horses.' It continues . . .

'Five sizes of these engines are made: 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 horsepower; and no better engine of similar sizes, or designed for similar purposes, was ever made. Primarily the Canton Monitor was intended for a threshing machine, but it is really adapted to any work requiring power within its limits.

'It is a complete engine and boiler, and both boiler and engine are of admirable construction. Mounted on truck, as shown, it is very portable, or without the truck, it becomes a stationary engine. It is complete in all its parts and attachments. It has a steam gauge, glass water gauge, whistle, spring balance for safety valve, locomotive blower, etc.'

The page shows other Aultman products a Buckeye table rake reaper, a Buckeye self-binding harvester, a Buckeye mower, and a Sweep states thresher and separator.