| November/December 1969

Box 21, Wichita, Kansas 67201

The book was held with a grip that would not loosen until contents were read and valued keenly. I wish I could have had it long ago - History of trials and tribulations of men; makers of machines that advanced farming conditions in the State where I was born just two years after Mr. Aultman died at the age of 57. I wish that man could have lived on.

It was a time of sorrow for me as I read that part of the book. I well knew so many of the farm machinery as The Buckeye Mower.

The latter part grew less interesting as the impression gained of internal disruption, in the Company I did not know to exist.

You could not buy the book back. It will have record of keen value - so well written-dates all clear, fluent, easy to read and clearly understood.

Now, we will be looking for more. I have in mind the Great Minneapolis Line that went broke at the last. The last engine Nichols & Shepard built -the poorest Case never built a good steam engine. Steam was never conquered or efficient utilized.