| May/June 1964

Wouldn't it be interesting to know how many of you readers in the United States and Canada would help start a 'Reeves Historical Society of America'? I think a good number would, and having started a few organizations in my day with much less cause, and particularly devotion, I make this proposal right now.

Subject to suggestions, the Aims & Objects of the Reeves Society would be two-fold: (1) to collect, correlate, and catalogue (or index) all available printed or word-of-mouth information on the history and/or biographies of the men who founded, developed and contributed to the success of Reeved & Company, Incorporated in 1888 with head offices at Columbus, Ind., and the full information, including exclusive patents and design blueprints on the various steam tractors they manufactured and sold in the U.S. and Canada, until the company ceased operations; and (2)through a nominal (or small) membership fee to provide funds for printing a glossary, index or catalogue of where such items could be found, and a photo static copy reproduced for hobbyists, owners of original engines, etc.

What about mechanical engineering departments or faculties of universities? The Library of Congress? So on, ad infinitum!

Unfortunately, those who built the big and little Reeves, simple and double and cross-compound, were obviously stronger on the engineering side than they were on advertising and preservation of records and blueprints. Their engines stand as a memorial today to their ability. But the full story or at least a great deal of it, plus the mechanical details, could be made available if a concerted effort is made to gather it in - Why don't we do it before it's too late ? Anyone interested please write to: C. Syd Matthews, Suite 714, 137 Wellington St., W., Toronto 1, Ont., Canada

The ALBUM is happy to recommend this idea and hope all Reeves men will rally around Syd's proposal.