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Herman Stockmaster says he was born and raised on a steam engine
not the kind that pulls a train, but a steam traction engine. Until
the 1940’s steam traction engines were commonly used for many
of the same functions that a gasoline or diesel tractor is used for
today. A steam traction engine is essentially a steam engine on
wheels that can either be used to pull something else, or with the
use of a belt, can be used as a power plant for another piece of
machinery. There has been an operating steam traction engine on his
family’s farm for more than 100 years. Stockmaster’s father
was operating a steam traction engine long before Stockmaster was

Today his 1920 A. D. Baker steam engine, built in Swanton, Ohio
is just a museum piece. Steam engines became obsolete when combines
replaced threshers in the wheat fields. Stockmaster bought the
engine from his dad in 1938 and used it extensively in his own
fields and to do custom work for other farmers until 1942.

Stockmaster recently won the Leroy Baker Trophy for the best
restored steam traction engine at the 38th Annual National
Threshers’ Reunion held in Wauseon, Ohio, June 24-27. His
engine was one of 33 at the show. Stockmaster and his two
grandsons, Kenny Hossler and Jeff Stockmaster, attended the

The engine is clean and in good working condition. It has a
state inspection and is certified for 180 pounds of steam. The
engine boiler holds 200 gallons of water and two reserve tanks are
built onto the machine. The engine is rated at 19 horsepower on a
drawbar and 65 horsepower on a belt.

Stockmaster plans to show his engine at different shows in the

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