| November/December 1970

Rt. 1, Box 280 Hazelwood, Missouri 63042

Forty-eight years ago this May the 22nd, a new Advance-Rumely Traction Engine was rolling across country at top a flat car, enroute to Slater, Missouri, where for the next fourteen years it was to effective serve an agricultural need among a section of Saline County, Missouri, Farmers.

The engine had been ordered the previous November for a May date shipment, by my father, a long time Saline County thresherman.

The arrival of this new engine was without doubt the most looked forward to event in my now 63 years of living.

That now far back November, in 1921, found me still in attendance at a one room, rural school with four years of high school still ahead. For the remainder of this school year plus the four to follow, if I had given one third as much of my time and attention to studies as I did this Advance-Rumely Engine I would have indeed been a top, honor roll student.

During the 1921/22 winter I eagerly watched the passing of each day, but it was like waiting for Eternity. It seemed the time would never pass. The somewhat mild winter finally passed and one day spring came with fields and trees turning green and the Meadow Larks, Turtle Doves and Bob Whites were filling the air with their familiar songs. Indeed an important mile post along my life's way was near at hand. The longed for month of May was nearly gone and daily I was watching the mail for a notice to come from the then Chicago & Alton Railroad Company announcing the engine's arrival. On that May the 30th, I shall never forget, riding six miles into town with my father and my brother in my father's Model T Ford. Our first stop was at a produce market to drop off a case of eggs.