REMEMBERING FONDLY: Times I Had with Harry Woodmansee

| March/April 1996

2075 Coburn Road Hastings, Michigan 49058

I said sometime back that I would write about some of my fondest memories of time that I have spent with Harry Woodman see.

I'm sure most of the readers have either met, or at least heard of Harry Woodman see and I consider it an extreme pleasure to have known him most of my life.

I guess the first time I saw Harry was at the Michigan Steam Engine and Thresher's Club Show back when it was held in Hastings, Michigan. I was just a young kid at the time, but I can still remember him climbing the wooden high ramp with a 16 HP Aultman-Taylor and the tug of war with his 40 HP Case. Harry always was quite the showman.

19 HP Port Huron engine #7991. The picture was taken in 1962 at the Michigan Steam Engine and Thresher's Club Show. Lynn Mix with shovel; Larry Mix on engine.

My dad and I would stop by Harry's mill shack and chew the fat with him. I was always amazed at all the old show bills on the walls. I thought this was the best wallpaper a steam engine man could possibly have. He had pictures and show ads of places I have never been. I can remember he had a big old black lab dog whose name was Mike. He also had a 'pet' mouse in the mill shack but I can't recall what he called it. Everyone knows that Harry was quite a story teller and I sat and listened to all his stories in which he would start off by saying, 'by da Jesus now let me tell ya,' and I knew we were in for some tall story telling. Harry always liked to show me little tricks, but he would never tell how he did them. The young kid that I was, I was quite fascinated.