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Courtesy of R. A. Horsey, 145 Hoppers Road, London, N 21 4 HP Garrett Tractor, No. 33818. Year 1920. Owners: M. Collyer and G. Burch of Ipswich. This engine started work with a traveling showman, Mr. Summers of Norwich, later passing into the hands of H.
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Courtesy of Jacob Vander Hoft, P.O. Box 338, Lowell, Oregon 97452. This is a threshing rig taken in Iowa some time around 1915. It is owned by Ed Teasenga.
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Courtesy of R. A. Horsey, 145 Hoppers Road, London, N 21 7 HP Allchin, No. 1527. Year 1911. Owner: Mr. O.C.F. Stubley, 'Tye Farm', Monks Eleigh. This Traction Engine was bought new at the Peterborough Show by the present owner's uncle and was us

One of the most impressive sights at an N.T.A (National
Threshers Association) REUNION each year occurs each morning
promptly at 10 o’clock, when to the strains of the National
Anthem a squad of Boy Scouts slowly raise to the top of the 50-foot
flag pole in the center of the infield the Star Spangled Banner,
with the blue and gold N.T.A silk emblem and the smaller TNT (The
National Thresher-women) banner of green and gold flying below the
RED, WHITE and BLUE. To see men and women standing in their place
wherever they may be and saluting OLD GLORY is always a moving
sight to the writer. Then comes the invitation by our beloved
chaplain, ‘Let us look to God in prayer’, as he expresses
thanks to God for his care of us in the past and asks for his
continued blessing. Rev. Ritzman adds a touch to each Reunion that
is unequalled, both in the daily invocation and the Sunday morning

Some twenty-four steam traction engines occupied the infield,
together with large models, antique farm machinery, the sawmill,
teeter-totter, fans Prony brake, and the big double incline made of
500 cubic yards of earth. The engineers took turns powering the
saw-mill, where over 4000 feet of fine lumber was sawed, in spite
of the heat. The three Baker fans were often set to turning, and
the Prony brake also was in use. The Veneer mill was a popular
attraction, and the teeter-totter was also often in use.

Friday and Saturday saw more models than ever, with a breeze
blowing through the Model tent and other models being in the large
building which also housed the Trading Post and the popular Picture
Gallery. Also on display were the steam engine drawings submitted
in the recent contest.

Mention should be made of the Pre-Reunion Bus excursion to Ford
Museum and Greenfield Village, participated in by fifty-one adults
and two children, all of whom reported an interesting and rewarding
trip. The value of the trip is shown by the fact that for a great
many it was the second or third time they had visited these
world-wide known historic attractions, where there is always
something new or something missed before.

For entertainment, aside from the models and large engines,
there were more Oil-Pulls and gas tractors on display and working
than ever before. Eiffel Plasterer presented his famous BUBBLES
CONCERTO; Bud Widmer’s unequalled Rube Band gave concerts
Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon; the 80-piece marching band
of the Wauseon High School was enthusiastically received; the
Keestone Kops from Findlay kept the crowds in good humor with their
paddy wagon and many prisoners, including the president and

Thursday evening was the traditional time for the NTA ANNUAL
meeting, the MEMORIAL SERVICE and this year the bi-annual election
of officers. The report of the nominating committee was accepted,
with present officers and directors to serve another two-year term,
with Cyril Bauer of Holgate, chairman of the Baker Fan committee
and founder of the 500 Baker Fan club, elected vice-president.
Because of his duties with the National Biscuit Company in Toledo,
Earnest Hoffer was unable to be present except in the evening.
Presidential duties will remain in the Hoffer household, however,
since the ladies of the TNT elected Mrs. Hoffer president at their
annual meeting. Mrs. Leo Clark will continue to help with the
programs, parades, etc. in her usual efficient manner. Other TNT
officers remain the same. A cake decorating program, two
Get-Acquainted Teas and the Hobby Lobby provided interest for the
many women in attendance.

A feature of the annual meeting was the HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP
presented to Guy Sams, Hillsboro, Ohio, who was the spokesman
suggesting the Name NATIONAL THRESHERS way back in 1948 when this
group was organized on the Blaker farm.

The Fulton County Horseshoe Club carried out the tournament as
planned, with the beautiful courts in constant and late use. The
writer regrets not having the name of the winners of the

The program of the Northwest Ohio Antique Car Club was most
interesting and added a different note to the overall program of
the Reunion.

Four parades gave the crowds in the big grandstand an
opportunity to see the antiques and models pass in review. The
Saturday evening parade repeated the program inaugurated last year,
when as far as possible the YOUNG ENGINEERS were in charge. Movies
and slides in the arts and Crafts building followed the Friday and
Saturday evening parades.

No write-up of the N.T.A REUNION would be complete without
mention of the Sunday morning church service in front of the
grandstand. Music by dedicated musicians and a sermon by the
chaplain on ‘Building Bridges’ made up the program
participated by several hundred, including the faithful squad of
Boy Scouts and Scoutmaster.


President, LeRoy W. Blaker, Alvordton, Ohio; Vice-President,
Cyril Bauer, Holgate, Ohio; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. LeRoy W.
Blaker, Alvordton, Ohio; Chaplain, Rev. Elmer Ritzman, Enola,
Pennsylvania; Directors – Ohio: John Limmer, Perrysburg; Michigan:
Percy Sherman, Palmyra; Indiana: Harold Gay, Decatur; Iowa: Peter
Bccher, Fairfield; Illinois: Wilbur Collins; Pennsylvania: Elmer
Schaefer, Yoe; Wisconsin: Clarence Mirk, Wau-watosa; Maryland and
D.C.; Frank McGuffin, Washington; New York: Lynn Langworthy,
Alfred; Kentucky: Jack Turner, Georgetown; Canada: George Searson,
Watford, Ontario. Trustees – Homer Holp, Brookville, Ohio; Ralph
Vincent, Bryan, Ohio; Dean Saunders, Addison, Michigan.


Tickets Paul Garman Engine Registration Elmer Ransburg
Concessions Clive Reckner PA System George Kuehne Sawmill Percy
Sherman Prony Brake Paul Curtis Baker Fans Cyril Bauer Models
Carleton Weisel, Sam Schnur Picture Gallery John Hixson Trading
Post William Rhodes Parade Harold Gay, Dan Heidi Youth Committee
Dean Saunders, Lloyd Kramer John Holp Movies Earnest Hoffer Antique
Machinery Clyde F el g e r, Walter Hoffman Registration Mrs.. Elmer
Ransburg, Mrs. Dan Heidi Room Information Mrs. Charles Garman
Horseshoe Tournament Alfred Figy Clean-Up Charles Garman


The National Thresherwomen President – Mrs. Leo Clark,
Washington, Ill.; Vice-President – Mrs. Mac Keller, Garrett, Ind.;
Secretary-Treasurer – Mrs. Glenn Shepard, McClure, Ohio.

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