| January/February 1961

(Author unknown to us)

The Maryland steam Historical Society, Inc., held its 5th Annual Reunion at the Howell Leppo farm in Greenmount, Md., on Sept. 22, 23, 24, 1960.

The show was a fine success as there was a good attendance on all three days and nights. The weather was almost perfect, and Saturday the grounds were crowded throughout the day and evening.

The comments from the crowd were most favorable with many people saying this was the best show the society was held so far.

There was an excellent display of both large and small steam engines, antique cars dating back to 1911, gasoline farm engines, threshers, shingle mills, sawmill, baker fan, horse and dog treadmills, an old reaper pulled around the grounds and operated by a fine pair of horses with chimes on their collars that tinkled as they walked.

During the evening, Gilbert Wisner gave an interesting display of steam engine fireworks while pulling the baker fan. This stunt attracted a lot of attention from the crowd.