Report of Rock River Thresheree, Inc.

| September/October 1970

813 East St., Ft. Atkinson, Wisc. 53538.

The Rock River Thresheree of 1969 was a very successful year and Labor Day Week-end show. The weather was ideal for the event. There was activity going on at all times. The Rock River Gannon Ball was running all three days. A large parade was held every afternoon. Lots of Exhibits were there on the grounds. Every body seemed to have a wonderful time. The 1969 season ended in November with election of officers and directors.

President, Marvin Helgesen, Janesville, Wise; Vice President, Walter Durst, Shopiere, Wisc; Treasurer, Harold Russell, Janesville, Wisc;

Secretary, Bernard Lux, Pt. Atkinson, Wise; Director, Lyle Silverthorn, Footville, Wisc; Director, Donald Lux, Janesville, Wisc; Director, Walter Anderson, Clinton, Wisc; Concessions in charge of Glen Beedy & Duane Richards.

Our show of 1970 will be held this Labor Day Week-end, Sept. 5th, 6th & 7th, 1970. The rain date would be Sept. 12th, 13th.

We have contracted for the main meal, for Colonel Saunders Kentucky Fried Chicken Dinners for all three days, plus many more eating concessions.