| May/June 1969

Pinckneyville, Illinois 62274

I have been reading about the other shows around the country, but have not seen anything about the American Threshermans Show at Pinckneyville, Illinois. I will give a little report on the show.

We have the show four days and nights. The first day, Thursday, is a little slow, but we get all the engines lined up and do some threshing, and get the sawmill working. We have a twelve bottom plow that was used out in Kansas and we get it out and started as we pull it with one of the steamers. We have a grist mill and grind corn meal and flour every day. We have about 16 large steam engines, and some models, and 20 or 30 old tractors, one horsepower that is for 10 horses. We thresh from 15 to 20 acres of wheat and down in this part of Illinois the straw is long and will make the old Keck's bark, which is music to any old thresherman. We have a parade every evening, and at night we have a tractor pull, and also do some pulling with steamers.

On Sunday the last day we have one of the largest antique car parades that you will see anyplace. Also on Sunday morning we have Church services for everyone in the Grandstand.

We have a nice grandstand and plenty of shade so nobody will have to be in the sun for a long period.

There is plenty of parking space and picnic tables, and within ten miles of the fair ground is the largest shovel in the world. It has a 160 yard bucket and anyone that would like to see it can get in touch with me and I will see that you get to see it working.