Restoration off Baker 501 Completed

| January/February 1975

  • Baker 501 arriving
    Baker 501 arriving at Rushville on Thursday evening. Work was completed just 2 hours before hauling.

  • Baker 501 arriving

R.R. 6, Box 159, Greensburg, Indiana

Pictured is Baker 501 after restoration. Restoration was completed the day before the opening of the Pioneer Engineers Show. In just 3 weeks a new smokebox, flues, water tanks, and a new top, and all pipes and valves were put on the engine. The engine was fired up and run for the first time in nearly 20 years just 3 days before the show. This engine has gearing and the old wave type lugs like new.

Work could not have been completed without the unselfish help from several club members. Special thanks go to Chester Hiler, Everett Huber, Charles Williams, Ray Jones, and Robert Tingle. Without them restoration would not have been completed this summer.

A thanks to the readers of the Iron Men Album, who wrote and gave us information as to the age of this engine. According to your readers it was built in 1907. The Baker company repossessed it and overhauled and resold it in 1923.

Thanks too, go to Mr. David Groner of Berger, Missouri for supplying us with a Bell-top smokestack. The stack was completely missing when we obtained the engine. Mr. Groner's reply was the only one we received from an ad placed in the Iron Men Album.