Reunion Day at Niobrara

| March/April 1969

Stein Auer, Nebraska 68441

The 1968 Northeast Nebraska Threshers Reunion was held September 28 and 29th at the Wm. J. Mayberry farm, east of Niobrara, Nebraska.

The weather the first day was a little chilly. The second day, the weather was perfect. The crowds came from many states and some foreign countries.

A good program was carried out each day with parades and many activities. There was threshing with a hand feed thresher equipped with web stacker and powered by six nice teams of Belgian mares on the horsepower. The mares had eight nice colts on the grounds that attracted a lot of attention.

The lumber saw was busy at all times, as different engines and tractors tried their power on the lumber saw. They converted a large pile of logs into lumber during the two days.

The two larger threshers at the oats stacks were powered by steam engines and large tractors that created a lot of interest. Many people went to the wagons and examined the nice clean oats - no chaff or sticks!