| September/October 1961

Box 167, Starks, Louisiana

I attended the first Threshermen's Reunion ever held in this state last October 8th. This was put on by Crowl Bros. at Welsh, Louisiana. About one thousand people were there. The rig was a 20 hp Minneapolis engine (I believe No. 8351) fired with crude oil, and 28 inch Case separator.

The rig was in like-new condition. They threshed a few loads of a 12 acre field of heavy bundle rice that day but rain in the afternoon stopped them and they finished the entire job two days later.

They plan another threshing this fall with more machinery, including a fine 25 hp Russell, No. 16810, from nearby Jennings. There is a 25 hp Robinson engine near Welsh that could be restored.

I threshed my own rice December 4th, and a little next day, with 20 hp Minneapolis No. 8265 and Case 32' separator. The straw was nearly tough enough to lace a belt with but the grain was in good shape.

We fed from both sides with the bundles just touching and it gave the Minnie (which blows off at 135 lbs.) a good load-but it had ample power.