Reunion Report

| November/December 1956

Mendon, Utah

THE THRESHING PAGEANT 'Depicting 100 Years Progress' went off very successfully August 17th at our county fair grounds as indicated in our centennial program.

It consisted of the following: No. 1 Sheep tread power driving the ground hog, first mechanical thresher. No. 2, Sweep Nelson Woodbury horse power driving the 1888 New Massillon. The twelve head of horses went round and round for one hour without any trouble at all. No. 3, Case 60 hp. drove the Advance plain separator 1912. No. 4, Case 45 tandem compound drove the latest steel Case separator, engine No. 1903. No. 5, last and least noticed was the latest Case self-propelled combine. All machines and engines were painted up like new and sure was an imposing sight. Two loads of grain were threshed.

My latest scale Case model No. 3 was also on display making 9 model steam engines I have built. I am now starting on the fourth Case a scale from the precision patterns I made of same. We are holding a Threshing Bee at our home Sept. 8th. Come and see it.

I enjoy every page of the ALBUM and am sending my renewal as I can't afford to miss a number.