Reunion Reports


| January/February 1963

The 1962 'Old Time Thresher and Saw Mill Operator Show' was held on the James Whit berry farm north of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, turned out to be one of the best attended shows held on these or any other grounds. People by the thousands turned out to witness and enjoy one of the best planned shows held in the country.

This year, in addition to the daytime activities, a full schedule of events was advertised and held each evening. This was done for the benefit of those that worked during the day, so they could enjoy the same program scheduled for the day visitors.

Since there had been no rains in the Ft. Wayne area for some time and due to the extremely dry and dusty condition of the show grounds, the Hunter-town, Churubusco and Wayne township fire departments were kept busy wetting down the exhibition areas so that the visitor could enjoy the show without walking ankle deep in dust. These fire departments are to be thanked for their wonderful cooperation and consideration.

One feature of the show that was of great interest to the crowds was the three saw mills in operation at one time. The two permanently installed mills were powered by the various steam engines on the grounds. The third mill was a large portable brought by Mr. Richard Link of Star City, Ind. Anyone wanting additional information on this mill should contact Mr. Link at the above address.

Another very popular feature of the show was the plowing demonstrations, using the large, eight bottom prairie plows loaned to the show by Mr. Frank Miller of LaCrosse, Ind. and pulled by the larger steam engines. Even Sherrill Bonnells' 30-60 Aultman-Taylor gas tractor did it's part in the plowing performances. A novel feature was the Waterloo Boy tractor pulling the walking plow. Shay Bonnell of Kewanna, Ind. Manned the plow and his 10 year old son, Tommie, operated the tractor.

Other popular attractions of the show were the hill climbing stunts put on by Harry Wood man see of Dowling, Mich. He would steer his engine to the to p of the hill, then, while still on top, he would turn the engine completely around. Melvin Lugten of Hamilton, Mich, thrilled the folks with his engine balancing acts on the large balancing platform. He also brought to the show a veneer mill to show everyone the process used in slicing the thin sheets of wood off a log. Elmer Egbert of Botkins, Ohio, demonstrated how wooden shingles were made, in by-gone years, with his shingle mill.