| January/February 1973

Gaar Scott engine

This picture was taken at the Threshing Bee held at Stavely, Alberta, Canada, Aug. 26, 1972. Standing beside the engine is Ernie Walter, 4620 83 St. N. W., Calgary, Alberta. The engine is owned by Jack Burrows, High River, Alberta, and is a 1915 25-75 D.

Ale Jurney

F3 Kingsland Tr. Crt., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I am happy to report that the 1972 Pioneer Acres Plowman & Thresher's Show, twelve & a half miles east of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was a huge success. This was our Third Reunion, held on Aug. 12 & 13, 1972.

The crowd was in a jovial mood, and no one seemed to mind dust or dirt. The children especially, had a good time; jumping into the straw as it came out of the blower, and burying each other in it. There was a Shetland pony to ride upon, or a cart to ride in, pulled by the pony.

The Concession, catered by a local Club, was well attended by young and old alike; the food was superb.

All machinery was in good running condition, and each piece sported a shiny coat of paint.

There were several additions this year, in the gas section. A 1917 Hit & Miss, Mogul, a 30-60 heavy weight Rumely, a 25-45 heavy weight Rumely, a 25-45 light weight Rumely, and a 1911 (2-plow) Moline2-cylinder opposed, with front wheel drive.