| January/February 1973

F3 Kingsland Tr. Crt., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I am happy to report that the 1972 Pioneer Acres Plowman & Thresher's Show, twelve & a half miles east of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was a huge success. This was our Third Reunion, held on Aug. 12 & 13, 1972.

The crowd was in a jovial mood, and no one seemed to mind dust or dirt. The children especially, had a good time; jumping into the straw as it came out of the blower, and burying each other in it. There was a Shetland pony to ride upon, or a cart to ride in, pulled by the pony.

The Concession, catered by a local Club, was well attended by young and old alike; the food was superb.

All machinery was in good running condition, and each piece sported a shiny coat of paint.

There were several additions this year, in the gas section. A 1917 Hit & Miss, Mogul, a 30-60 heavy weight Rumely, a 25-45 heavy weight Rumely, a 25-45 light weight Rumely, and a 1911 (2-plow) Moline2-cylinder opposed, with front wheel drive.