| March/April 1961

Fourth Annual Exhibition of The Tri-State Steam Engine Association, Inc.

More than three thousand persons from the tri-state area were treated to another unusual demonstration when they gathered at the M. Dean Fullerton farm, Burgettstown, R.D.3, Pennsylvania, on September 23 and 24 to witness the annual exhibition of the Tri-State Historical Steam Engine Association, Inc.

During the two days that provided ideal weather conditions for the occasion, they saw enacted, the various farm operations - much as they had been performed forty and more years ago.

Steam was king during these two days. The present day tractor, combine and pick-up baler were left in the shed and steam and its accompanying machines took over. Thirteen steam traction engines and three portables were put through their paces, much as they had done many years before. First, there was steam threshing and baling; then sawing. Another engine then made short work of a load of green corn by cutting and blowing it into a 40 foot silo. In a few minutes another engine produced wheat flour and corn meal with a Buhr stone mill. At other times, an engine could be seen demonstrating its power on the fan. Twice daily, these brightly painted giants of yesterday were paraded around the barn yard so that all might have an opportunity to see and hear them.

The old gas tractor was not forgotten. Included in the show were a 1921 Oil Pull 20-40, a 1935 Minneapolis 27-42, a 1914 IHC 8-16 Mogul, a 1915 IHC 10-20 Titan and a 1914 Allis-Chalmers 10-18. All were in excellent repair and beautifully refurbished.

Attracting much attention was a well-kept horse power baler, made by the Panama Hay Press Co., Kansas City, Missouri, in 1904. This machine was in daily operation, being operated by a beautiful team of horses.

Engines shown were: Peerless, Frick, Huber, Scheidler, Keck Gonnerman, Advance-Rumley, Port Huron, Case, Baker, Russell and Aultman-Taylor. Other machines included Frick, Huber and Aultman-Taylor threshers; Ann Arbor Baler and a Buhr Stone feed grinder.