Reunion Reports


| March/April 1963

  • Model Case engine
    Model Case engine displayed at the Bird City Kansas Reunion last fall. It was a beautiful piece of work and ran perfectly. The builders of these little engines are well repaid for all their efforts spent while building them. It is a real thrill when the l

  • Model Case engine

Secretary, Charleroi, Penna.

Tri-State Historical Steam Engine Association, Inc.

Another highly successful exhibition of the Tri-State Historical Steam Engine Association, Inc. was held at the Dean Fullerton farm, near Burgettstown, Pa. on Sept. 21-22, 1963.

Ideal weather prevailed for the two days and nearly 5,000 persons came to witness another show that, each year continues to grow in popularity.

As usual, steam was king, and daily demonstrations of threshing, baling, sawing, flour milling and clover hulling were provided for the interested spectators, many of whom had not seen a steam engine in operation. For the first time in western Pennsylvania, a prony brake was demonstrated through the courtesy of Mr. Earl Logan and his associate from Mansfield, Ohio.

The model and small engine department was much enlarged this time and a crowd constantly surrounded these miniature steam engines and threshing rigs as they performed their duty in much the same fashion a s their larger counterparts.