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Reunion Reports

Secretary, Charleroi, Penna.

Tri-State Historical Steam Engine Association, Inc.

Another highly successful exhibition of the Tri-State Historical
Steam Engine Association, Inc. was held at the Dean Fullerton farm,
near Burgettstown, Pa. on Sept. 21-22, 1963.

Ideal weather prevailed for the two days and nearly 5,000
persons came to witness another show that, each year continues to
grow in popularity.

As usual, steam was king, and daily demonstrations of threshing,
baling, sawing, flour milling and clover hulling were provided for
the interested spectators, many of whom had not seen a steam engine
in operation. For the first time in western Pennsylvania, a prony
brake was demonstrated through the courtesy of Mr. Earl Logan and
his associate from Mansfield, Ohio.

The model and small engine department was much enlarged this
time and a crowd constantly surrounded these miniature steam
engines and threshing rigs as they performed their duty in much the
same fashion a s their larger counterparts.

Special features included a double yoke of oxen with Conestoga
wagon, a pony pulling contest, a large showing of fine antique cars
and trucks, and many gas tractors of earlier days. The
horse-powered baler and feed grinder brought back memories of many
years past, and a modest but interesting display of antique items
from the farm and home attracted many persons. Also shown were
several fine teams and riding horses.

Modern farming machinery and methods were not neglected. All
dealers in the area were urged to display their bright new machines
and demonstrate them and the response was gratifying.

Twice daily, all engines, tractors, cars, horses and modern
machines were paraded around the farm yard and were given rousing

In an effort to attract young America to our interesting
exhibition, several school districts of the surrounding area were
invited to send bus loads of school children and teachers to the
show with free admission. As a result, several hundred students and
teachers toured the grounds and rode on the engines. They were all
in accord that it was a day to remember. A local high school band
appeared on Saturday afternoon and presented a concert.

The Ladies Auxiliary deserves much credit for the success of the
show. They handled the registration of new and renewal memberships,
took subscriptions to the Iron-Men Album, and held a very
satisfactory bazaar. We could not get along without them.

The food concession was admirably handled by the Hickory chapter
of Knights of Pythias and the Boy Scouts saw that everyone had
plenty of cold pop to drink.

To close the show, a very enjoyable Saturday evening was
afforded many with another innovation an old fashioned square
dance. Thus ended what was considered the best of all our

The officers of the association want to express their
appreciation for the growing interest and support that their shows
are receiving and the splendid turnout this year insures a
repetition of the same thing for next year.

Officers of the association are:

President, V. M. Paul, Hickory, Pa. V. Pres., C. R. Fullerton,
Burgettstown, Pa.

Secretary, Paul F. Crow and Treas., Evelyn M. Crow, Charleroi,

Directors are as follows:

Earl Hamilton, Lisbon, Ohio; Tracy Lewton, Hickory, Pa.; John
Sell, Lisbon, Ohio; M. W. Kast, McDonald, Pa.; Howard White,
Burgettstown, Pa.; Glen Fullerton, Burgettstown, Pa.; Nello Mungai,
Hickory, Pa.; and Dell Weaver, Canonsburg, Pa.

  • Published on Mar 1, 1963
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