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My 16 HP J. I. Case portable steam engine. I have narrowed down the year of manufacture to 1883 or 1884. It has an 8'' x 12'' cylinder. I don't believe the boiler was built by Case, as it has a stamping ''Boydson 60'' on the steam dome. Note the resemblan
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2201 Bloomington St., Rt. 5, E. Peoria, Illinois 61611.

Lehman Junction is the home and show grounds of The Steam and
Gas Engine Hobby Club of Peoria, Peoria Heights, East Peoria and
Washington, Illinois. On June 20, 1971 an excellent exhibit of a
variety of steam and gas models were shown to scale as: J. I. Case
traction engines and separator, locomotives, gasoline and hot air
engines. Also full size antique gas engines, a model farm scene, a
full size steam hoisting engine and boiler mounted upon truck
chassis as a mobile unit, with use of cable and drum. The center of
attraction was the model Merry-go-round, 10 feet diameter, built by
Lloyd Lehman and steam driven by cable, power furnished by
Lehman’s Shipman Steam Engine built by him and finished in
1965. The Merry-go-round was completed in June 1971 after three
years of spare time work.

Other exhibitors were: Gene Stevens of Peoria, Ill. with an
upright boiler and a variety of engines and steam pump, mounted
upon trailer, including a Creators Engine all chrome plated. He
also furnished steam from his boiler to run a 1200 lb. upright 6×8
engine also an upright 4 HP engine belted to buzz saw to cut up
pole wood. Ted Young of East Peoria showed three model locomotives
running on 100 feet straight track which amused young and old
visitors all day. He also showed his 1′ and 2′ scale J. I.
Case engines. Orville Waddell showed a 2′ scale Case engine
along with his scale model Case separator to match size of engine.
Lehman had his 1910 Stanley steam car engine piped to steam on the
Shipman boiler and kept the Stanley turning. Mr. and Mrs. George
Berry of Pekin, Illinois set up their model farm scene which is
about 10 x 20 feet in size. It is great to see. Claude Troyer of
Minier, Illinois with his 2 cylinder steam hoisting engine and
boiler, mounted on truck chassis was giving rides to young
visitors. Elmer Klein of Lacon, Ill. presented the re-stored John
Deere Gas Engines which all looked like new.

Bill Schissler of Peoria had several small model steam engines
on the piped steam table. Dick Heiser of Peoria showed a small
steam boiler he built, with steam to Dunbar Popcorn wagon engine.
Frank Warnock of Peoria Heights had his three model gas engines and
hot air engine mounted on his display table and running steady.

Mr. and Mrs. Orv-Morey of Kewanee, Ill, with their twin sons,
kept their J. I. Case 1/3 scale traction engine steamed up on idle.
Claude Babbs of Washington showed his own built model steam engines
and also showed how a steam engine can be made from a small air
compressor all mounted on platform trailer, boiler fired by bottled

John Johansen of Fairbury drew a lot of interest with his model
locomotive under construction, less the cab, fire-box and plumbing.
John Anderson of E. Peoria had a variety of interesting items on
table including a model of three horse sulky plow which was a
salesman’s sample. Merlin Aten of E. Peoria had a very rare gas
engine, The Jebco, horizontal, about 1910.

Wallace Satterfield of E. Peoria showed a Maytag, 2 cyl. and
also a Wis-consin Air cooled engine and other gas engines were Gene
Stevens Alamo 4 HP and a McCormick-Deering 1 HP of Lloyd Lehmans.
Marion Elliott of Can-ton had finished parts for a 2 cyl.
combination simple and compound steam engine to be used as power
for a steam automobile to be completed in a few years of spare
time. Excellent work! did it in the Elliott Machine Shop.

Leo Clark, the Enginemen’s friend for pictures, was busy
taking shots of various exhibits that we will cherish in years to

There was plenty of coffee and ice water for all and the soft
drink stand did a rushing business.

A number of visitors brought basket lunches and had a full
enjoyable day. Thank you Friends and come again.

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