Farm Collector

Reunion Reports

New Rockford, North Dakota

September 15-16-17, 1961

The weatherman again cooperated with us, although rains all
around us cut the attendance some on Sunday.

Besides the engines we have had other years, my George White 25
HP rear-mount was new at this third annual show. The engine shown
on page 28 of the January-February 1962 ‘ALBUM ‘is a George
White just like mine, except mine has the original side tank and
ladder on the left side. These are Canadian engines, with factories
at London, Ontario and Brandon, Manitoba. My engine was built
August 4, 1913, this company evidently stamped the date built
instead of giving the engine a serial number.

Also new at this year’s show was an early Waterloo Boy
tractor, owned by George Anderson, the John Deere dealer here.
George had an assist from Ted Worrall of Loma, Montana in picking
up some missing parts to complete the tractor. It has a nice fresh
paint job. The George White is also painted and striped.

John Anderson of Miles City, Montana, showed one of his hot-air
engines. This attracted a lot of attention and ‘
‘Johnnie’ has an entertaining line of ‘hot air’ of
his own. I hope we can get him back next year.

Howard Slater’s 30-60 Townsend is a rare one, looks and runs
like new. Howard would not have it any other way. He is restoring a
65 HP Case steamer, we are hoping to see it next year.

We had several good sized rye stacks to thresh. The threshing
and lumber sawing and of course the parade are the main attractions
at our show. All of the steamers had their turn at either threshing
or sawing or both. The 26 HP Advance burning straw belted to a 36 x
58 Case thresher attracted a lot of attention, just after the
parade on Sunday when the attendance was probably at it’s peak.
I threshed with this engine back in the 1930’s, I always like
to see and hear it run again.

The ‘Little Giant’ hand-feed separator powered by a
McVicker gasoline engine did some threshing each day, but set no
records for bushels per hour.

Elmer Larson’s famous little Oil Pull was on hand again.
Also Ben Fischer’s model of a Case steamer about one-third
scale and a bean thresher. Lloyd K, ehnstedt and his father showed
three dandy models.

I enclose a picture of the George White, also shows the Advance
and N & S 25-85 single.

We hope to have several more steamers and other attractions at
the next show.

  • Published on May 1, 1962
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