| May/June 1979

1025 S. W. 2nd Street, Faribault, Minnesota 55021

The hard work was over and now it was time for the fun. Everything was in order for a big day and a big show. The wood was stacked, the engines lined up, the steamers were steaming and the crowd was getting bigger by the minute. The 4th Annual Rice County Steam and Gas Engine Club threshing bee and exhibition was underway.

It was a very hot Labor Day, 1978, in Little Chicago, Minnesota, and there wasn't a breeze to be found anywhere. To the 1,000 plus people who attended this year's show, the weather was not a factor. This exhibition is the best in the area and the largest ever for Rice County.

The members of the club had worked for months planning and dreaming for this one big day. Frank Malecha and his sons, Larry and Butch, put forth an effort matched by none in readying their land for the event. Their cooperation and their large exhibit of tractors and equipment all helped to add to the show's success. They displayed a number of separators, including a 1914 36 x 62 Minneapolis wooden wing feed; a 1914 Nichols and Sheppard wood, and a 22 x 38 International. Also, the Malecha's displayed a 16-30 Hart Parr tractor and 15 other tractors of various makes, several gas engines, and a very large walking plow exhibit.

C. E. Purdie had his two 50 HP Case steam traction engines running the separators. His engines are in tip top shape and he has reason to be very proud of them. They have been perfectly restored by Mr. Purdie himself with assistance from Smoky Cross, Vern Juaire and Terry Cross.

Lloyd Wolters had a chance to display the 1914 20-60 Case steam engine that he recently purchased. He's a very happy man with his new 'toy.'