Rices Landing Hobbyists Build Models Of Engines

| September/October 1966

MINIATURE STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS U. P. Rembold, left, and D. H. McKee, right, both of Rices Landing stand behind their miniature display models of steam engines and boilers they have made in the last few months. Everything except the steam and water gauges were made by hand.

RICES LANDING Two Kices Landing hobbyists with immeasurable patience, have constructed model replicas of three different steam power engines and two steam boilers.

The two retired craftsmen are U. P. (Slim) Rembold, mayor of Rices Landing, and D. H. (Don) McKee, an expert gardener.

They began their hobby some six months ago having visited a 'steam engine show' at Hickory earlier.

They completed their first 'horizontal engine' after two and a half months of cutting, soldering, clamping, wiring and polishing.

Combining their last names, they have formed the Remkee works, a small private concern., Mr. Rembold contributed the first three letters of his last name and Mr. McKee added the last three letters of his last namehence, they formed Remkee.