| March/April 1987

RR 1, Box 124 Lake Benton, Minnesota 56149

Leo Huston is one of the engineers who gives free rides during the 4-day show. He is shown with engine 353 which was built in 1920.

My wife, Pat, and I attended the 1985 Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Show. We had such an enjoyable time that we plan to make it a yearly event.

Being dairy farmers it is not always that easy to leave the place. So this year, I took my four sons (Kenneth, 16; Kelly, 13; Matthew, 8; and Scott, 6). Meanwhile my wife was stuck home with the cows. As we left the yard for the 200 mile trip at 4:30 a.m., she was turning on the barn lights.

Upon arriving at Rollag, the first thing we did was to hitch a ride on the train with Leo Huston at the controls of Engine no. 353. Leo is one of the men responsible for the operation and maintenance of Engine 353. He is also a very pleasant person to visit with, taking the time to explain things to my boys.

After the train ride we split up. The boys went off to Miniature land while I took in the parade. Rollag certainly has some of the largest, rarest steam engines and gas tractors in the north-land. The big 120 HP Rumely is the most impressive engine I have ever seen. I have always like Minneapolis engines myself. They have four of the 'great' ones at WMST. Next year Rollag will host the 100th Centennial Reunion of the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company. I am certainly looking forward to seeing the additional Minneapolis engines that will be on hand, especially the one-of-a-kind 35 HP Compound. Another Minneapolis I would like to see is that 45 HP double cylinder tandom compound that was pulled out of the Missouri River in 1967.