ROUGH & Tumble 1978

| March/April 1979

233 County House Road, Clarksboro, New Jersey 08020

The 30th performance of R & T is over and the curtain is down. For the coal pile, it is also down, but the water WELL, well it will have replenished itself by now. Water is supposed to be inexhaustable, and if this is true, could it be that some of this water used by Hermes in the world's first steam turbine, has found its way into a boiler at Kinzers? I would like to think so.

If Hermes could have come back to this world and seen us using this mighty power of steam, I am certain he would have been delighted. He searched and found a power to aid man but how to put it to use was his problem. For him to see steam in harness performing many kinds of chores would have had sufficient an influence to lure him into throwing his robes through the fire hole door, donning overall's and an engineer's hat, and making himself completely at home.

I also wonder how this ancient Greek would have re-acted to the sound of Clarence Wiley's Peerless stretching the belt on the Baker fan. Perhaps those overall's he just donned would have been awkwardly in the way for a few moments until his ears became a tuned to the sound of the stack exhaust. From then and onwards, he would have enjoyed the show as did the members and patrons alike.

This year I spent more time with my pal George Gaunt on the Buffalo Springfield roller. George did the driving and I did the firing for having to constantly jump off that high seat and tend the fire on one's own, is rather tiring. On Friday evening the gas tractors had pulled left several deep ruts in the course. Saturday morning we considered it a good idea to go out and put the roller to work. Me, armed with a shovel threw dirt in the holes, directed George in rolling over them and kept the fire going at the same time. Quite a few folks gathered on the bleacher seats and watched us. One man came over and ask me if I worked for the County. I said, 'Sure, R & T County Highways.'

Many folks were also fascinated by the little Duplex water pump we had hung on the side of the roller boiler with a piece of baling wire. Though only built for a large 1?-inch scale locomotive, it certainly kept the water up and the injectors were only used but a few times.