ROUGH & TUMBLE 1986 Report

| November/December 1986

233 County House Road Clarksboro, NJ 08020.

For these last few years I have ceased writing an account of our Kinzer R & T show for I felt I was becoming repetitious. This year I must make an effort, for blessed with excellent weather, it was tremendous. Oliver and Hart-Parr were in the center ring with Mr. Woodward in charge of this presentation exhibit. In addition, all other makes and models were well represented.

Wednesday evening Ray Herr had quite a few sidewalk superintendents watching him dig out the footing of the old Baker fan. This proved to be a much larger lump of concrete than the tractor was able to lift. A deeper hole was dug alongside of it and the block pushed in, then covered with dirt. Remember where X marks the spot Ray, for you may wish to drive a stake in the ground there some time.

Much work has been done this year with the covering of the Snow pumping engine and the completion of the building. Nevin Myers being the leader, Rudy is working hard to clean up and Pappy was welding pipe. Another new building will be the boiler house to house the new Cleaver Brookes boiler. This will supply steam to the large stationary engines in the main engine room with the above mentioned Snow, the Watts and Campbell three generating units and about eight more horizontals. I also noticed a large Edison bi-polar generator of early vintage in the rear of the Skinner. Maybe this can be hooked up to a power source at some future date.

Wallis & Stevens 4 N.P.H. showman's tractor No. 7572. Built in Basingstoke, England in 1917 and brought to R & T by Pat & Terry Fitzpatrick of Clough, County Down, N. Ireland.

Improvement number two would definitely be the largest, and that's the new 'Titus Brubaker' building which the announcer said was 150 ft. long and 50 ft. wide. This building is to house R & T's nicely painted engines I understand. This is great for it's bird proof and periodically through the year one can polish one's engine without fear of foreign matter from above. Also this will be great for visitors during the year, as there will be plenty of room to walk between machines and examine them. During this reunion, this building was occupied by the antique car buffs, just the ideal place for them; out of the smoke and dust.