Rough and Tumble 1989

| March/April 1990

233 County House Road Clarksboro, NJ 08020

Be ye ware and take ye heed, For Murphy's Law is true indeed. Wednesday of the reunion we got bad priming problems and small pieces of rust collecting in the valves of the feed pump and injector check valve. That evening I took the pump home to Jersey and rebuilt it. Returned Thursday morning and fitted it back, then washed out both the tank and the boiler. Got the injectors working, then found I had a split pump discharge pipe. Many thanks to the Model Building for the copper tubing. By Thursday noon all was okay; we got in the parade that evening and also rolled down the area for the square dancing.

Friday morning a pin broke on the feed pump rocker arm. Again thanks to Paul White in the Hobby Shop; he loaned me a drill and a bit and luckily I had the right size roll pin in my tool box. Coal was getting low so away to the coal pile for a fill up. On the way back I found I could not steer. I thought perhaps it was the steering engine so off came the drive chain and the valves were adjusted. This proved not to be the problem, for trying to turn the hand wheel was an impossibility. We realized then that the front pivot had seized up completely and about the only thing to do was to jack the machine up and try to free it that way. Much grease and oil had been pumped in through the grease nipple but all it did was come out the top. Finally we got the pivot shaft far enough down so I could file all that rust and junk away. Some grooves were cut around the shaft to carry the grease away from the nipple to the lower area. Now when you pump the grease in it comes out the bottom as well as the top.

Now that all problems were corrected we awaited a good Saturday but it wasn't to be, for it was raining. At 8:30 I walked over with my camcorder for a few pictures, but nothing was moving. The driveways were mud, everything was stopped and quite a lot was covered. Then it started to rain again, so I took the camera back to the truck. Knew it was no good lighting up the roller for in wet weather you just won't get very far.

Scotty Anderson wanted to get the little Tiny Tim roller going so we did that and ran up and down on the granite chips in the driveway. After a while it began to pour again so that was the end of our bit of fun for that day.

Tiny Miller had trouble with his crane for I know he got some clogged tubes and couldn't get the brush through them. Had to get the forklift to lift off the smoke-box top. Tiny was as dirty as I was but I did get some consolation; Jim Conte gave me the 'hard luck award', which turned out to be a box of Tide.