Rough and Tumble 1990

| January/February 1991

233 County House Road Clarksboro, NJ 08020

All you folks who attended the 42nd Rough and Tumble reunion, 'Did you enjoy the show?'

Yes, well the expressions on your faces give you away. Many of you there for the first time were amazed that machinery so old could still be operative. I had people ask me to open my fire-door so they could photograph the burning coals.

The weather could not have been better-4 days of glorious sunshine, a little hot, but then it's August! The directors must be very glad about this, for we had experienced two rainy years in a row, which means you can't very well run an outdoor program and still get cars out of the mud.

I met so many old acquaintances this year. 'Naffy' and 'Big Ed' and...well, I could go on. They start the conversation with, 'Remember when...' or 'You still got that old10-20 you dragged out of the weeds?' 'Yeah, still got it.' You know, if you wish to put water in your boiler and you turn on the injector when you start talking, I will guarantee that the water will be in the top nut before you remember what year it was that Mr. Estleman's old Frick stopped in the middle of the parade.

Cliff Foster's /2 size Case working hard. Left center is Paul Stoltzfus, on engine is Scott Young. Right, I think, is president Otis Astle and Dale Young.