Rough & Tumble 1997 Steam School

| March/April 1998

In this issue are several stories about 'Steam Schools' around the country. This one was written by Dan Gehrnan.

Instructors: Butch Biesecker, Norm Gay, Ivan Zimmerman, Dave Adams, Jim Martin, Jim Conte, Grant Huddle, and all the steam guys at Rough & Tumble.

The text book: Rough & Tumble Engineering, by James Maggard.

Classroom: Rough & Tumble Grounds.

Supplies: Traction engines, wood, coal, flue brush, shovel, poker, etc. Also Little Toot - 15' gauge railroad (Grant Huddle).

First, we spent some time talking about safety features, building a fire, keeping good water in the boiler, keeping the boiler clean, water treatment. You know, classroom stuff.