Roy Keller writes.........

| November/December 1963

Rt. 2 New Plymouth, Idaho

Here is a picture of an 1886 J. I. Case Thresher owned and operated by John Walbrecht, (at left) York, Neb. Mr. Walbrecht's son, Edd, is a very good friend of mine. His home is at Nampa, Idaho at present. Edd and I have threshed a lot here in Idaho although he has threshed more than I. I have been at it for about 38 years and in that time my brother and I followed up the harvest for 11 or 12 years.

My last steam threshing was done in Kansas in 1928. I ran a Nichols-Shepard Engine on a Minneapolis Separator. This engine was a single cylinder and handle. The Minneapolis is in pretty good shape.

My Dad was a thresher man too. He had a lot of old time pictures of his threshing days. There was a cyclone in 1942 and it destroyed everything they had. I would like to have some of his old time threshing outfit pictures.

I started threshing with my Dad when I was ten years old. The first outfit that my Dad had, that I can remember, was a 42 inch Advance Separator. It had a gear blower that sure did growl at times. He pulled it with a 80 HP Case, but some people called it a 75 and my Dad called it 80. It had the short smoke box. My Dad put a Gould Balance Valve on it, also a Watson Throttle Governor and he kept this engine running like a sewing machine; didn't have a click in it.

Dad traded this Advance machine off and got a second hand 44 x 66 Case Separator. Then along about 1918 he bought a new 40 x 62 Case Separator. It had a Ruth feeder on it and all babbitt bearings. Next he bought a 8 roll Maytage corn husker and shredder. I can remember feeding this shredder when it was pretty cold and the wind blowing like it does in Nebraska.