Rubens Maskinhistoriska Samlingar

The Rubens Historical Machinery Collection

| May/June 1983

RUBENS Maskinhistoriska Samlingar (Rubens Historical Machinery Collection) is the name of Sweden's most comprehensive collection of steam and internal combustion engines. It has been assembled by the owner, Mr. Ruben Blom and his two sons over a 20 year period of intensive research and preservation. The collection covers a period roughly from 1860 to 1940.

Initially, it was Ruben Blom's deep feelings of respect for the old generation's workmanship and ideals, together with his fascination for mechanical machinery that started it all.

It was steam engines which first fascinated him, in his youngest years. In 1964 he bought his first portable steam engine and others soon followed so that by 1969 his collection consisted of seven portables together with some stationary engines and about 20 internal combustion engines.

The next ten years were something of an explosion, as the collection reached the level of 25 portables in 1973, 55 by 1978, with two traction engines as well. By now, some more have been added and the collection consists of 60 portables, 4 tractions and some stationary engines all told, about 100!

The oil engine collection expanded during the same time, also to about 100 engines. In addition there are some old tractors and road making vehicles, as well as other working machinery.

During this time, the general interest in Sweden was nila fact which made it possible to work this mission out in such a time frame and on such a scale. Interest has since been raised, and it is now quite popular to collect and preserve old engines (most commonly with internal combustion engines, more rarely steam tractions and portables, since the I-C engines are more available).