Rumely Exposition

At PAWNEE 1990

| March/April 1991

Route 1 Nashville, Illinois 62263

I submit this report on the activities of the 1990 Pawnee Show, which were popular indeed. The featured Rumely Exposition was excellent. It was well attended by both numerous exhibitors and many members. Also attending was Mr. Paul Rumely from New York. He is indeed a 'chip off the old block,' as the expression goes, and is an enthusiastic, intelligent, well-educated man who appreciates our heritage, to which such a great deal was contributed by his Rumely family. He has a solid overall view of our hobby, and of the very important part that the Rumely Company played.

The Rumely subject is vast, and details must also be covered in other articles, to be sure. Those excellent Rumely steam engines and Advance Rumely steam engines, followed by surely the very best in tractors for many years, are not nearly as well known as they should be. Let's all contribute to what can be done to spread the word.

Lots of rain in Oklahoma nearly shut down activities the first day at Pawnee, and somewhat slowed them on the second day. This, plus the many activities of the Rumely Exposition, caused us to postpone the 'setting contest' to next year; but the drawbar pulls, the largely expanded threshing and the horsepower activities on the brake were all busy.

Before reporting on these activities, I turn to something that took place which was very good and touching to many of us. It certainly helped to make the many workers who put on a show feel good, and make it all seem worthwhile. I refer to a gentleman who kept his name anonymous when he handed in a poem he wrote that day at the show. I had the honor to read it to the crowds on the public address system during the parade. We share it with you:

A Day to Be a Boy