| July/August 1977

  • Single Acting Pumping Engine
    1. Single Acting Pumping Engine A. D. 1774.

  • Single Acting Pumping Engine

Do you know that the Book of Job in the Old Testament begins with an allusion to the plow, or that the harrow is mentioned three times in the Bible?

Are you aware that the ancient Egyptians scattered seed upon the mud left by the receding waters of the Nile, and that flocks of sheep or goats trod the seed into the soil?

You probably know that for a long, long time artists have depicted 'Time' as an old man with wings, holding a scythe in his hand.

Perhaps you also know that nails are mentioned in the fourth chapter of the Book of Judges, and in other parts of the Bible.

'Rural America a Century Ago,' edited by S. H. Rosenberg and published by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, is filled with all sorts of information like this as it tells the history of farm implements used in the 1800s.

If there are any implements missing we don't know what they could be.