Sawed Half in Two, Hes Going to Live

| March/April 1959

FROM LAPEER COUNTY (Michigan) PRESS (August 28th, 1958)

TUESDAY MORNING OF last week Richard Spies was cut nearly in two by the whining blade of a four-foot buzz saw.

Four days later, thanks to the teamwork of four doctors, six nurses and a laboratory technician, he was able to be given a ride in a wheelchair and chat with visitors.

The 26-year-old former . Almoner was working in the woods with his brother, Bill. They had been setting up a sawmill near Bordman Road in Almont Township. The rig was not in production yet, and Richard was cleaning out some chips around the blade, which was running full speed.

'I don't now what happened then,' he recalls. 'Suddenly the blade caught me and I was tipped into it, head first.'

The blade went down alongside his right ear, continued through his chest to the nipple line. In the back it went half way down his shoulder blade.