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Another early sawmill this one was built by the Moravia Foundry & Machine Company.
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Restoring an old sawmill to working order will always include making old parts get by or having new parts made.
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An early sawmill head-block.
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Part of the set-work of a DeLoach Mill built in Atlanta, Georgia.
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A more modern sawmill head-block with offset.
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Many designs of saw guides were used over the years. This simple design is found often.
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A Lyon Iron Works sawmill with chain receder and adjustable head-blocks.
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Over the years, each builder had a number of methods of keeping the track clear of debris.
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Sawmill dog.
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Many improved designs were developed by some sawmill builders over the years.

All photos on these are by Mark Corson, 9374 Roosevelt Street,
Crown Point, Indiana 46307-1840, illustrating various parts of

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