Scott Carver Threshers Prepare For

| September/October 1988

Box 317 Mound, Minnesota 55364

Ken Scott, current president of Scott-Carver Threshers, vividly remembers the day his uncle came to his house wondering if Ken would like to help steam up Grandpa's steam engine that had been stored for years in an old shed. When Ken showed enthusiasm for the idea, Ermie (short for Ermin) went to see his old friend Bill Oleander to get help checking the 'old girl' over--'old girl' being Ermie's favorite name for the engine. Unknown to Ermie at that time, he created a Sunday afternoon event that people wanted to repeat year after year.

Last year thousands of people came to see and hear the Threshers steam, chug, and whistle through Scott-Carver Thresher's 24th festival. Preparations that had gone on all summer, especially Saturdays, culminated the second weekend in August. Many of the Threshers took a week off from work to be on the grounds all week. By Friday morning when the gates opened at 7 a.m., excitement was running high.

As spectators arrived, they were first surprised by the 'new' appearance at the outer gate. A split-rail fence had been put in by Nathan Kohn and John Schultz, plus Nathan had battled many a mosquito and wasp to cut all the grass so meticulously. The once-new, then weathered, now newly painted sign (thanks also to Nathan) sparkled in the sunlight.

Flea market dealers, exhibitors, and craft dealers poured through the gate all day, keeping gatekeeper Joe Bruhn and button-sellers Doris Bruhn and Darlene Luebke exceedingly busy. Horseback riders under the direction of Liz Brunette directed the traffic in the parking lot.

Proud owner Rudy Adams and engineer Chuck Geibe paraded this 65 HP 1922 Case steam engine during the 24th Scott-Carvers Festival near Jordan, MN.